Becoming a Sugar Baby is simple. It’s as easy as just stating: “I AM A SUGAR BABY”.

Proclaiming that you are a Sugar Baby is the easy part!

Now, let’s ask ourselves these important questions:

1. Do I have the correct mindset to be a Sugar Baby?
a. A Sugar Baby should be mentally prepared for the type of attention they will need to give and receive?

2. What are my boundaries?
a. Will I do this full-time or part-time?
b. Is it best to have a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship online only?
c. What am I willing to discuss and disclose about myself?

3. Where do I find the Sugar Daddies? The fastest and most popular way is to search the internet. Here are a few search terms that may help:
a. Online roleplay girlfriends
b. Adopt A Brat
c. Online only friendships

***The number one rule and the most important rule is SAFETY. Safety must always come first. Never give your personal info to anyone online and never meet someone from the internet in-person!!!

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