BlackBerry Launcher, straight from BlackBerry itself, replicates the look and classic functionality of said handsets and also offers some interesting innovations. For a small subset of the population, Windows Phone never really died. Despite its detractors, the mobile operating system always had a passionate fanbase, and this launcher is aimed squarely at them. If there is something you want to change with Nova, the chances are that you can, from animation speeds to the spacing of widgets and home screens, it feels as though there is nothing beyond its powers. And not only is the launcher very tweakable, it is also very fast, with the option to remove transition animations for even more speed.

Smart Launcher 5: Many Choices, But Not Too Many

Nova Launcher is free with an optional $5 upgrade for certain advanced features. JR Raphael/IDGNova Launcher’s extensive series of options gives you an extraordinary amount of freedom to make your home screen look and work exactly how you want. From minimalism to maximalism, the last launcher in our list is a longtime Android power-user favorite that provides you with every option under the sun.

  • As you can see, there are also great deal of photo effects also included in Filter Forge 4.0.
  • Be sure to open some of them in full resolution to see the effect’s fine detail.
  • I have really only scratched the surface of what this application can do.
  • Now it is time to get to some samples of Filter Forge 4.0 effects applied to my photos, with the exception of the first example below that was applied to a photo of Julie’s.

Nova Launcher starts you off with a simple blank slate and lets you set things up in any way you want, down to the tiniest of details. Sometimes, the simplest solutions can be the most effective. That’s the idea behind Niagara Launcher, which works to strip away all the extraneous elements of an Android home screen and leave you only with fast and fuss-free tools to get where you need to go. Square Home 3 is free with an optional $5 key for advanced features, options, and tile effects.

JR Raphael/IDGMicrosoft Launcher emphasizes Cortana and adds ample Microsoft and Windows integration into your home screen. On the flip side to Action Launcher is a home screen setup for the sort of person who wants things to be organized and optimized for them — continually — without any real thought or effort required. That’s precisely what Smart Launcher 5 aims to accomplish, and it does an admirable job. JR Raphael/IDGA customizable long-press menu and on-demand widgets are among Action Launcher’s useful advanced features. JR Raphael/IDGLawnchair Launcher brings a Pixel-like look to any Android phone, only with even more options and opportunities for customization.

The free version of Action Launcher is quite capable on its own, but if you want more features, such as adaptive icons and additional search capabilities, grab the Adaptive Pack for $4.99. There’s also a Plus edition with even more features available as an in-app purchase for $6.99. Apex Launcher – Customize, Secure, and Efficient added features and updates onto the original, but it was negatively received by users.

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The launcher also offers the usual selection of widgets and customization options, with all such options being easy to find – leaving this a solid choice for launcher novices. Though this might not be to the taste of minimalists, the various shortcuts and functions offered promise to change the way you use your phone – this is one for those looking for a little adventure. It isn’t just Windows Phone which is missed, there are also more than a few among the general population who have more than a little fondness for Blackberry devices.

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