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Titanium is a very strong metal that the durability factor of this product is great. One of the interesting and unique things about this driver is its design. As it is designed by taking inspiration from a Boeing airplane. This design allows the air to cut through the driver and move along the sides of the face so that it can provide the maximum amount of momentum to the driver.

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Position the ball in line with your in-step – Don’t position the ball in the middle of your stance. Again due to the length of the driver we need to position the ball in line with the in-step of the left heel for right handers and the right heel in-step for left handed players. This allows for the long club to square up at impact and again helps to create the upwards hit we’re ideally looking for. However the main point is simply that if a beginner or high handicapper never improves the distance they hit the ball off the tee with a driver the stats clearly show their scoring potential will always be limited.

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This club also has a speed channel, which essentially reduces the thickness of the face and helps in increasing the ball speed so that you can easily shot the ball quite accurately. The clubhead should be made lightweight so that it is not heavy at the bottom because if it is heavy, then it will present problems when trying to swing it. The club head of the Mazel is made from Titanium, but the weight its quite reduced.

Although the driver maybe the focus of your practice session resist the temptation to immediately start hitting it from ball 1. Yes, you may hit a few good ones but trying to hit your longest shot from ball 1 will play havoc with your swing. Remember no pro in the world will step on the 1st tee at a tournament with their driver without having hit a few practice shots first.

They ran a test on players with higher swing speeds and lower swing speeds and found that the faster swingers lost almost 30 yards when hitting their 3-wood compared to their driver. As well as being told to focus on their short game in preference to practising hitting their driver there is another piece of advice which is consistently given to beginner golfers and high handicappers. Golf clubs can also be quite expensive, and you don’t want to spend all of your money just on buying golf clubs. There are some best options present in the market and Helpful resource. Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Winzip available to download here. will help you in learning the mechanics of the sport.

Cobra has changed the design of the driver to optimize it for spin and launch. If you hit below the face center, it will allow you to get a higher launch while hitting below the face-center can result in getting more spin. Cobra has also included their 360-degree aero tech which is made to reduce the drag present on the club-face while on the downward motion.

But our recommendation for the best driver for amatuer golfers is the PGX Offset driver. Every day there are new players who are starting to play golf regularly. For a new player, golf can seem a bit overwhelming at first due to all of the different mechanisms involved in the sport. Different surfaces require you to use a different kind of club which is suitable for that particular situation.

When you swing with this driver, you are able to hit really fast shots that can cover quite a long distance. All of the above-mentioned features allow the King F8 Driver to deliver one of the best high-speed shots. The driver is able to deliver many high shots due to the unique design and intricate technologies involved. There are two weights that are present in the heel and back position of the driver and they allow you to tune the golf ball flight according to the current situation.

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