Drama… Drama… Drama! What would life be like without drama? Some will say life without drama would be boring, while others may say that life would be too predictable.

Let’s start with the “relationship”. Any type of relationship. There will always be drama.

Considering this… It’s not the relationship itself that is the cause of drama, it’s how the people involved in the relationship interpret different scenarios of their day to day living.

1. Scenario: A couple driving in a car when a policeman pulls them over.

2. Scenario: At a party, you feel uncomfortable with the attention the other is receiving from another.

3. Scenario: Negotiating the television remote control.

Any of these scenarios can be handled with or without drama. It is 100 percent the discretion of individuals that decide whether to apply or remove the drama.

The sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship have the same exact rules.

However, the best part of this particular type of relationship is there are usually “set boundaries” right from the beginning.

It’s advisable to consider keeping all sugar daddies and sugar babies in a relationship that is online only. Try searching the internet for terms like:

· sugar daddy online only

· adopt a brat sugar baby

· online-only relationships

Keeping the relationship online only will certainly help reduce the level of possible drama from your relationship and from your life.

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