It’s always best to lean on the side of Safety. Being cautious when transacting with strangers over the internet is a great rule of thumb.

This is especially true when it concerns personal safety. Your life is precious.

Of course, you also do not want to get “Ripped Off” by a Con Artist that is knowledgable on ways to steal money from hopeful people on the internet.

Now, let’s put all judgment aside for a moment. You need the money and are willing to exercise your freedom of choice and participate in the sugar baby lifestyle. As the wise person you are, you want to make sure you’ll be safe.

The only true way to stay safe is by not giving out your personal information and by not meeting anyone you’ve met online in person.

So, how do you go forward with a sugar daddy relationship/sugar baby relationship without sending contact info and not meeting sugar daddies in person?

It’s as easy as finding an eager sugar daddy that is interested in conducting the online girlfriend experience entirely online. This is typically more common than you think.

A sugar daddy or sugar momma has the same concerns as you. They are concerned about safety, con-artists, being outed to their friends and family.

Where do you find a mentor who is willing to conduct an online-only relationship? It’s simple… Find them online!

You can search in your favorite browser for search terms like:

  • online only mentorship
  • adopt a brat
  • online only relationship for money

Avoid the temptation to meet-up with an anonymous person or give your personal information out in hopes of a large payday. In the end, it’s not worthwhile. Stay Safe!

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