Before this question can be answered, you may have to answer a few questions first:

How much should you be prepared to spend on the following?

  1. Maintenance services for your Yacht
  2. An Oil Change on your Lamborghini
  3. A Luxury Private Jet from your Hometown to Las Vegas

If you are trying to figure out how much each of the items above will cost… Then you may not be able to afford them. And that’s okay. Most people can’t.

A Sugar Baby deserves to have her needs completely met. This cannot be done on a budget.

“You might reconsider having a Sugar Baby if you are playing with Scared Money”. Scared Money is money you are worried about spending.

Most people think that the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship is based on sex… It’s Not! The foundation of the Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship is based on money!

For instance: Most SD/SB relations can survive without a sexual component. However, none will survive without the financial aspect. Most Sugar Babies desire a taste for the better life.

So, to answer this question… Be prepared to spend whatever it takes to make your Sugar Baby happy. A Happy Sugar Baby equals a Fulfilled Sugar Daddy.

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