Let me be honest, I love life in general and I love my sugar daddy. I met my sugar-daddy when I was seeking arrangements about five years ago. Unfortunately, my father died when I was young. I was a happy child and I had a great home life. My mother did a great job with us but, I always
wondered what it would be like to have a father, you know, a real daddy figure.

As I started to grow up, into my late high school years and freshman year at the university, I started to feel a pull toward dating older men. I didn’t try to date my teachers but, I did look into dating older men and someone suggested I find myself a sugar daddy. The idea of being a sugar baby was new to me. I had to do some research but, it was well worth it.

During my sugar daddy research, I noticed that I was not alone in my idea to date an older man. It seems that many girls my age and older love to date men who are older than they are. The idea of being a sugar baby seemed like a great one to me. I posted my profile and started to seek arrangements with my own sugar daddy. To this day, I love my sugar daddy and I’m happy that I took the steps to find him.

My first step was to create an online sugar baby profile and reach out to as many sugar daddy types as I could.
If the daddy’s profile caught my eye, I contacted him and started a conversation. Don’t be shy when it comes to talking to a daddy about what you want out of a relationship. You will find that a sugar daddy might want some of the same things.

I love my sugar daddy because we have so much in common. Daddy and I both love romance and seeing sights. We go for walks on the beach, we hike in the woods or on a wooded trail, we go to the movies and out for dinner. My
sugar daddy and I have so much fun when we are together.

Because of the relationship I have with my daddy, I am able to love life even more. I live in daddy’s house and I’m able to come and go as I want. If Daddy has business and he doesn’t need me, I go shopping until it’s time to come back and spend time with him. I love daddy so much and if you get yourself a sugar partner you will see why this lifestyle is so amazing.

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