There are three possible answers to this question…


Let’s start with the first possibility… YES!

Yes, becoming a sugar baby is worthwhile! Why? Well, becoming a sugar-baby is like anything else, “the effort in equals the opportunity out”.

For many, the “sugar baby lifestyle” can be rewarding, profitable and lead towards financial opportunities and adventures that would not normally be available under regular circumstances.

Let’s discuss why it may not be for everyone… NO!

No, becoming a sugar baby is not worthwhile! Why? Well, becoming a sugar-baby is like anything else, “you must consider the safety factor”.

The “sugar baby life” will have some obstacles. One major issue is safety. Meeting a random stranger from an online website can have safety challenges. Who is this sugar-daddy and what are their intentions?

Let us end with… MAYBE!

Maybe, it’s best to do your research first! Consider not meeting a potential sugar-baby or sugar-daddy in person and rather, keep the entire “sugar baby relationship” online only.

Sugar-daddies and sugar-babies can be found online without meeting in person. This is a safer alternative, and it will also help to keep your identity private.

How to find a sugar daddy or sugar-baby online for an online-only relationship? Try searching Google for these search terms:

  • online only mentoring
  • adopt a brat
  • relationships for money

The result should contain safety, privacy and mutual respect from all that are involved.

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