For kept women who liked to be spoiled rotten, there are men and women who love to spoil those like you. However, the kept woman is like any other man or woman in that they have their dreams and personal ambitions that may include getting a college education so they can pursue their goals.

The Kept Woman’s Needs

While being a kept woman has its advantages, it also has its limitations. After all, life is about moments and they all will come and go. This means that being a kept woman today provides an opportunity for tomorrow when your dreams and ambitions change. Getting proper education is one way to prepare for the future when you may want to make the transition from being a kept woman to one who keeps who they want.

Of course, in the meantime you’ll need money for school, to pay tuition or perhaps to pay off debt. In any case, young adults in financial need no matter their ambitions may need the services of someone else to help them in this particular situation. For many, the internet has become the place for the affluent to make their money and create websites where everyone, including kept women, can find new opportunities.

The good news for kept women is that you can get spoiled thanks to the generous offerings of members who will help pay for your college education or help you pay off your debt and it is all in one location.

How Our Website Can Help

A great way to start for kept women is joining our website that brings together young adults in financial need with those who have money for college. You’ll find that our membership is free and most importantly the profiles are very easy to search for a guardian that meets your needs. The wealthy members of our website offer money to pay tuition, pay off debt, and help take care of the needs of students while they earn their degrees. There may be conditions or responsibilities that you will need to accomplish while receiving the money, but all of it is on the up-and-up.

We call our wealthy patrons “Guardians” and playfully call kept women or those who need assistance as “Brats”. While this is all in good fun, our website promotes healthy communication so that you can find the Guardian who will help you get through college. Meanwhile, there are Guardians who are looking to Foster a Brat or Adopt a Brat to help further their college education. For the kept woman, this is a way to use your time productively in earning a degree and making your own way in the world. Whether you need a one-time monetary gift to help get you into school or continued support as you earn your degree, we offer the solution for young people in financial need by finding the right support system to get you through college.

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