Superheroes have to worry about this all the time. A mild-mannered appearance to an unsuspecting world to hide their identity. Then, off with their eye-glasses and they are transformed into their alter-ego… Super Baby! LOL

It’s quite obvious that you only need to wear a pair of non-prescription eye-glasses and you will be totally anonymous.

Just Kidding…

In reality, the only way to protect your identity is to not reveal your identity.

That’s why the newest trend for this type of relationship is to conduct yourself entirely online.

Use a website that is constructed for the sole purpose of having an online sugar baby/online girlfriend experience.

You can gain the advantages of a Mentor and the financial gains of a sugar baby without actually meeting the sugar daddy in-person.

Research shows the vast majority of sugar baby/sugar daddy relations do not require in-person attention.

Search the various search engines for terms like:

  • online only sugar baby experiences
  • adopt a brat
  • Mentorship for singles

Of course, you must not give your social media information to a prospective online sugar daddy either or it will defeat the purpose of remaining anonymous.

The only possible way for a [SB/SD] relationship to remain safe is by not revealing personal information and to keep the relationship entirely online.

Stay Safe… Stay Online!!!

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